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Bioscapes Court & Playing Field Construction

Welcome to Bioscapes Group. We construct synthetic sports surfaces and provide artificial turf solutions for Retirement Villages,  Holiday Parks, Schools, Parks & Playgrounds, Eateries and Indoor & Outdoor Sports Complexes.

Originally specialising in constructing Synthetic Bowling Greens, we are the experts at engineering and constructing bases built on volatile soils. We have since expanded our offerings into multipurpose sports courts, synthetic sport court constructions, croquet courts, putting greens and even pickle ball courts!

We understand the requirements of building on H2 soils and we offer solutions that help to solve the surface problems we are working with to ensure our engineered base is the best solution for your environment. We offer an in-depth consultation and work with your project team to ensure the levels for your synthetic fields are right the first time to ensure longevity of your sporting project.

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Our successful multi-purpose synthetic surfaces allows you to incorporate your choice of playing fields in one. More and more of our clients are choosing to make the most of their space and take this option.

You won’t find too many people constructing Pickleball courts in Australia…but we do! It’s a growing sport and the demand is increasing. If you’re wondering what on earth is Pickleball…just imagine a miniature tennis court. It’s the perfect solution for small areas you want to convert into an entertainment haven.

Synthetic Surface Maintenance – if you construct it, you need to know how to maintain it. Setting up a consistent maintenance program from construction will lengthen the life of your surface. We can teach you or do it for you. Either way, we can help you.

Artificial grass surfaces installed and maintained by Bioscapes Group.
We install artificial grass surfaces for aesthetics and to solve the issue of attempting to grow grass in high impact areas. A popular option for Holiday Parks.

Our Services

Synthetic Bowling Green Construction
Synthetic Bowling Green Construction
Synthetic Bowling Green Construction
Synthetic Sport Surfaces
Synthetic Sport Surfaces
Croquet Courts, Putting Greens, Pickleball Courts, Multi-Purpose Surfaces
Synthetic Surface Maintenance
Synthetic Surface Maintenance
Synthetic Cleaning & Maintenance
Artificial Turf Solutions
Artificial Turf Solutions
Artificial Turf & High Impact Solutions
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Email: dave@bioscapesgroup.com.au

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