How to sponsor a club

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At Bioscapes Group, we value the relationships we create with our clients.

We believe that sponsorships are a great way to maintain these relationships after our work is completed and we think that other businesses should understand the benefits that come from sponsoring a club.

We have begun to offer sponsorships to clubs that we have constructed for, otherwise known as #bioscapesclubs.


Sponsorships are seen as support in the form of finance or through the provision of products.


The first thing you as a business needs to do is make sure the business or event you are sponsoring is similar to your business so you can ensure you get relevant exposure to clients in that industry. For example, as we construct bowling greens and synthetic surfaces for sporting clubs and retirement homes, we sponsor these places or more commonly, events that may be held there such as a bowling tournaments.

A good place to start is offering a $500 prize contribution – to any amount the club wishes or needs to get the activity started, as well as covering the cost of your needs.


Then you need to make your “needs” as a sponsor clear.

You can’t give out support and receive nothing in return, that is simply a donation.

For us, when we sponsor a club we donate branded t-shirts that players wear during games and permanent signage that promotes our company at the sponsored club to meet our need of promotion and publicity.

Sponsorships benefit both parties involved.


If you are one of our past clients and are looking to arrange a sponsorship contact our Director Dave on 0438 246 246 or email us at



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