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As a company, we believe it is a good idea to let our clients in on our current projects, so they can gage our processes and develop an understanding about how we operate as a business.  

Starting from the month of June, we are doing a “current projects” blog to be released monthly, each month will have the previous months completed projects in it too.

This month we have 3 major projects, Lifestyle Berwick Waters, a residential project and Albert Park.


Lifestyle Berwick Waters

Lifestyle Berwick Waters is a retirement village that is part of Lifestyle Communities.

We have worked closely with Lifestyle communities over the past couple of years to build their bowling greens and have now started introducing alternative options to their residents.


Lifestyle Berwick Waters has opted for a pickle ball court as well as a putting green / croquet multi purpose field.

This means the residents can remove the lids on the putting green cups and play mini golf, or keep the lids on the cups and play croquet.


We are currently in the final stages of the rock retaining walls being completed.

We have hooked up the main drains and started on our specialized draining system which you can find out more about on our website.

Our next stage is bringing base heights up and get rid of all the mud.



This client has requested a backyard half size basketball court/putting green; with putting cups in the court that have removable lids.

This will allow the customer to play mini golf as well as basketball, with removable lids allowing for a flat surface when playing basketball.


The basketball court concrete is about to be poured and then we can insert the basketball ring.

The synthetics will be placed down after this is cured.


Albert park

Albert Park commenced on Monday the 24th.

This was a 10 year old bowling green. They have requested a greens base upgrade.


We are rebuilding the top 35mm of the green and inserting new timbers around the the outside of the bowling, creating a new smooth edge, with a new underlay and new green gauge carpet.

Currently the old carpet underlay and timbers removed off the green, now we will re-instate new timbers, create a smooth edge and re profile sub-grade.


Check out our instagram – @bioscapesgroup to see process photos and daily updates.


Dave Bentley

Bioscapes Group Director

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