Looking For Small Bowling Green Repairs?

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Now is the perfect time to book in some small bowling green repairs!

We understand that it can be difficult to find the time to arrange small repairs and fixes to your green when you have members and guests wanting to play on your green all year round. However, with less players out and about enjoying the game due to social distancing restrictions, now is the ideal time to get your green back into tip-top shape.

We also realise that budgets may be tight right now, so upgrading your green may be out of the question in the current economic climate.

Bioscapes Group are now offering one-off, small maintenance services to help you out during this difficult time. We can assure you that just some small repairs to your green can be an affordable way to get your green looking great again and impress players upon their return.

These small one-off services are those that you won’t have to see us every year for, just when the situation arises. There are always small issues that arise due to normal wear and tear from play which can be things such as:

  • Old ditch wall carpet needing replacing due to discolouration or damage
  • Unlevel ditch walls that need to be built up or evened out
  • Broken ditch walls needing repair
  • Cracked or raised pathways surrounding your green, presenting dangerous trip hazards
  • Bowing green access points (high traffic areas) needing re-carpeting or some TLC if they’ve worn down
  • Loose seams and stitches that need to be tucked in or sewn down
  • Surrounding landscaping dropping leaves, needles or bark onto playing spaces that need to be trimmed back or removed and replaced

Bioscapes Group are able to rectify these issues and help to get your bowling green looking as good as new, with just a few small bowling green repairs – without the big investment. We recommend clubs still continue with their regular maintenance and cleaning regimes to ensure the greens are kept healthy for play. If you’re interested in discussing your needs with the team, or receiving a quote for your small bowling green repair items, please call 0438 246 246 or email admin@bioscapesgroup.com.au.

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