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So who is the owner of Bioscapes? I’m Dave Bentley and I’ve decided to create this blog so you can get to know me a little better before you decide to do business with me and my team. 


Where did I start?

From the age of 18 years old I have been working in the turf and construction industry. I am a qualified green keeper by trade. I started off by working for Capital Golf Course for about 13 years, and then Bioscapes Group was created. Over the years it has grown into a massive business to the point where its gone inter-state, it is now 13 years old, making me self employed for the last 13 years.


What is my passion?

For me, my passion is turning a blank canvas into magic. I love bring a client’s vision into fruition, using my experience and vision to create the clients desired outcome. Customer satisfaction fuels this passion and I will never get sick of it, especially when I am able to develop lasting and positive relationships with my clients.


How long have I been in the industry?

27 years experience in this industry and the past 13 years’ self employed at Bioscapes Group.


What do I do outside work?

Outside of work I get to mow my own lawn and clean my own shed haha. I really just spend time with my family making memories and having fun.


What are my hobbies?

My hobbies include water skiing and trial bike riding… when I’m not working. Lol.


Who is in your family:

I live with my beautiful wife and daughter (Sommer and Molly). I also have 5 pets, a dog named Wilbur and 4 fish named fish one, fish two, fish three, fish four.


What are my top three values in life?

Family: Family drives me to do well at my career so that I can strive to provide for us.

Work ethic: Without the right work ethic you aren’t driven to go above the norm, this pushes me to do better.

Integrity: More than honesty I value integrity, people need to stick to their word and do what they say they are going to do. This shines through in the relationships I build with my clients and my work. Surrounding yourself with people that have good integrity ensures we deliver high quality in a timely manner.


6 facts random about me:

  • I have an extraordinary amount of useless facts stored in my brain.
  • I have been to Hawaii, Thailand, Fiji, All around Australia.
  • My favourite food is lasagne and salad.
  • I am a Collingwood fan
  • My favourite place is the Murray river where I can just let go and relax.
  • My favourite sport is water sports especially water skiing.


I hope this blog post has allowed you to get a better understanding about me and who I am, as I will be with you throughout the entire process of the construction of your synthetic playing field.

Thank you for reading

Dave Bentley – Director Of Bioscapes Group

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