Why you need to try a pop-up pickleball court kit at your club/residence

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A pop-up pickleball court kit has many benefits. From its installation to maintenance, pop-up pickleball court kits are simple to manage!

Fully constructed pickleball courts are the best option to enjoy the sport to its best capacity. However, due to limitations in space and sometimes funding, a fully constructed pickleball court may not always be in reach for all facilities. In these situations, pop-up pickleball court kits are a great alternative to fully constructed courts for their high level of flexibility.

If you are debating on what type of pickleball court will best suit your facility, we have collated some benefits of pop-up pickleball court kits to help you decide!

Benefits of a pop-up pickleball court kit

  1. Utilise your space

Pop-up pickleball court kits can be installed on top of your tennis courts allowing you to save space. This can be especially helpful if your facility has already exhausted the space available for sports courts. Since pop-up pickleball courts can also be moved as required, you will be able to use the tennis courts under the new installation just as well as you were before. This flexibility offers your residents/patrons/members more entertainment value as they will have more options for the same space!

  1. Cost-effective

A temporary pickleball court is also a significantly less expensive investment compared to a fully constructed pickleball court. This feature of pop-up pickleball court kits allow you to expand your offerings to your residents/patrons/members without a large investment. Since these kits are inexpensive to install, you can also install them in times when your budget is a little tighter. This allows your facility to save where possible while staying on the path of growth.

  1. Quicker installation process

Installing a pop-up pickleball court kit requires less equipment and more importantly time. Once you know where you would like to set up your court, the kit can be set up very quickly. This quick installation process also allows it to be set up as a temporary facility for your residents/patrons/members while you are building a fully constructed pickleball court. The temporary court allows them to start playing this sport while they wait in anticipation for the permanent one to get built!

  1. No maintenance

Pop-up pickleball court kits don’t require any maintenance! Since these courts are merely rolled on top of tennis courts, they are very easy to keep in good condition. The only consideration required for these courts is the mats are stored properly after they have been packed up. This can be easily done by dedicating a bit of space for the mats in the sports equipment storage. Since these courts do not require a routine maintenance schedule, it again makes these courts a very inexpensive investment with great returns in resident satisfaction.

  1. Try before you buy

If you are unsure on whether you should invest in a permanent pickleball court at your facility, installing a pop-up pickleball court kit can help you decide! As these kits are more cost-effective, it will act as a small investment in determining whether a pickleball court is suitable for your facility. While trialling the temporary pickleball courts, you will be able to gauge your residents/patrons/members’ interest in this sport. If your they are highly enthusiastic about this sport, that is a definite green light to proceed in investing in a fully constructed pickleball court!

Pickleball is becoming an increasingly popular sport in Australia. The lower intensity of this sport compared to others like tennis also makes it popular as a leisure activity from university students to residents/patrons/members in aged care facilities. Installing a pop-up pickleball court kit allows facilities to offer this sport in a cost-effective way that utilises existing space.

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