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We construct, repair and clean synthetic bowling greens.

Bioscapes Group - Bowling Green Construction & Maintenance

Are you looking for a synthetic bowling green surface ?

We provide solutions for Retirement Village Hardscape Construction and we are the sole Victorian licensed company for the Sportcrete sporting base system for sporting fields and golf bunkers. We use the Greengauge woven carpet for our greens for the highest quality output and playing surface.

If you are looking for a construction company to provide you with a one stop solution for synthetic sport surfaces, excavation, concrete, and pool surround construction… you’ve found it!

We also specialise in installing multi-zone area options into single option playing fields without affecting the performance of your surface.

Bioscapes Group - Bowling Green Construction & Maintenance

How we construct our synthetic lawn bowling greens

We take you through a supportive process ensuring your vision is the outcome you receive.

We keep you informed every step of the way and communicate with you at regular check-points to ensure the work is on time and on budget.

We ensure you are fully aware of any necessary changes should they occur so you are not slapped with an excessive ‘variation’ at the end of the job.

We pride ourselves on outstanding service, the highest quality materials, including Greengauge woven carpet, exceptional communication and long-term relationships with our clients.

Bioscapes Group - Bowls Club Green Construction & Maintenance

How we work with bowling clubs

We are innovators with integrity and think outside of the square when it comes to construction.

We use proven construction methodology and we keep our eyes peeled for opportunities to save you money.

If it doesn’t need to be done, if it can be recycled, we will tell you!

If there is a way to maximise your income for investment of construction without affecting the playing surface, we will tell you!

If we believe there is a better alternative for you, we will tell you!

We Construct

As one of Australia’s leading synthetic bowling green construction company…

We specialise in construction of the highest quality synthetic bowling greens for retirement villages & clubs using Greengauge woven carpet and Sportcrete Base System.

Volatile soils are all too common in Australia, that’s why we have gone to great lengths to ensure our engineered base system provides you with the most stable base option available for your soil type.

If you’re a brand new construction, we like to get involved from the very beginning…before an ounce of dirt has been moved. We want to understand as much about what’s underneath your future green as possible to save you costly repairs in the future.

It’s important you ask all the right questions about soil type and base construction methodology to ensure it complies and is cohesive with the soil underneath.

We Service & Repair Synthetic Bowling Greens

We visit and assess your surface and provide a comprehensive written report advising options that are the most cost and time effective for your club.

We provide honest feedback to save you money and extend the life of your green where possible.

Repair of your bowling green can be costly and may not fit the budget, so we will always offer you the most cost effective way to get the most out of your green if you run into some niggles along the way.

Some of your options include:

A simple annual service and check up, re-screed of the base and carpet flip to extract more life out of the carpet or top base replacement with new underlay and carpet.

We will investigate your surface with great detail to ensure which ever option we offer is the best value option for you.

We Clean

The only specialised Bowling Green Cleaning company in Australia offering hospital grade disinfectant, solvent pre-spray, pre-enzyme treatment, rinse extraction (mould inhibitor) and algae bloom prevention.

Recommended 1-2 times per year.

Protectant spray optional extra.

We can also clean surrounding areas including tiles, paving, concrete, decking and outdoor furniture.

FLOOD RECOVERY – our specialised equipment is superior to extract excess water from expensive greens so we can assess the damage sooner.

CARPETS – our equipment can provide the same results for your high traffic indoor areas.

BOWLING GREEN SERVICING – annual or bi-annual options available to freshen up the look of your green.

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We make constructing your new lawn bowling green a simple process

  • Choose your playing surface

    We offer all synthetic surfaces: sand filled, needle punch or woven carpet

  • Choose your servicing and maintenance package

    Recommended servicing of your bowling green 1-2 times per year

  • Choose your surrounds and or landscaping package

    Packages available for any outdoor requirement

Types Of Artificial Turf Surfaces For Synthetic Bowling Greens

Woven Carpet

Synthetic Bowling Greens - Woven Carpet - people bowling.

Needle Punch


Synthetic Turf


Benefits of Artificial Turf Surfaces

Construction Time

  • Construction takes approximately 4 weeks (excludes excavation).
  • Ready to go and play on once laid.


  • Easy to clean including algae bloom growth inhibitor and moss prevention.
  • Protectant spray also available.
  • This turf requires medium maintenance.
  • Watering and grooming only required up to 6 times per year.


  • Consistent performance and speed can be increased or decreased for a true playing experience.
  • Equal to and more consistent than turf.
  • Can be played in all four directions.
dave photo signature

Dave Bentley is a hardscape craftsman.

His advice and expert knowledge has saved our clients thousands of dollars in costly mistakes.

Having been in the construction game for over 20 years, he knows – You are the number one priority in any project we take on.

Our philosophy involves communicating and keeping you informed throughout every stage of construction.

Passion is an important element in this business. That’s why our company values are all about you:

“Bringing your community together all year round with the highest quality surfaces for play, fun and some friendly competition.”

If this is an experience you would like in your club or village, contact us for a no obligation chat.

We also offer bowling green servicing and maintenance services for your convenience.

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