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We specialise in:

We can assist you with any tennis court repairs, either ongoing or one-off, that you may require. You may have:
-Deteriorating grass and a slippery surface from mildew or mould build up
-You may see ‘bird baths’ or puddles begin to build up after rain
-Cracks or raised areas from ground movement or tree roots
-Original court colour fading and not look as inviting to play on
-Tears and lifted seams in synthetic turf

Our ongoing maintenance packages offer hospital-grade disinfectant, solvent pre-spray, pre-enzyme treatment, rinse extraction (mould inhibitor) and algae bloom prevention. We recommend you treat your tennis court surface  1-2 times per year (can depend on humidity, weather, sun exposure etc. of your court).

Protectant spray optional extra.

Flood Recovery – We can help to recover your court from a flood – our specialised equipment is superior to extract excess water from synthetic turf courts so we can assess the damage sooner.

Carpets – When re-laying or initially installing a court, we use high-quality synthetic turf to ensure longevity and playability of your court for many years to come. Our equipment can provide the same results for your high traffic synthetic and hardscape areas.

General Maintenance – If you would like to have professionals look after your ongoing maintenance requirements, we can take care of this for you. We always offer you the most affordable solutions to extend the life of your tennis court and ensure you have all of the possible options available to you.

We work with artificial and synthetic sporting court surfaces and offer tennis court maintenance among our services.

We maintain synthetic court surfaces for clients such as

We also offer a superior maintenance service to ensure your surface lasts the test of time.

David Bentley is meticulous with time and budget management while providing the highest quality work. As the Director, David will make your job easier by keeping you on time and on budget.


Because Bioscapes Group and Bio Bowls are:

-We provide TRUE quotations so you avoid nasty and overinflated ‘variations’ at the completion of each job blowing out your budget.

-Make every effort to ensure each job is completed on time to avoid excessive labour expenses.

-We Guarantee our work.

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Tennis Court Maintenance

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