Benefits of constructing your synthetic bowling green with woven bowls carpet

Woven bowls carpet is a popular surface option for constructing synthetic bowling greens. It is an investment that has many benefits in the years to come. Bioscapes Group regularly uses Greengauge Woven Carpet when constructing synthetic greens providing community villages and bowling clubs across Australia great satisfaction in their synthetic bowling greens. We have compiled a list of advantages of constructing your bowling green with woven carpet. Read on to learn more about this synthetic surface option!

Advantages of woven bowls carpet

Enhances the game

A bowling green built from woven carpet results in a very smooth surface in the end product. Smooth surfaces are key for a good game of lawn bowls, especially as the accuracy of the rolls depends greatly on the surface. Woven bowls carpet allows for effortless consistent rolls down the green due to it being a steady surface. On the other hand, ensuring the rolling time suits a range of players is also important for an enjoyable game. With this synthetic bowling green surface, the average bowl takes 14 to 15.5 seconds to cross the green. This speed is suitable for all calibre of bowlers and optimal to construct your bowling green from.

Maximises player experience

In addition to enhancing the quality of the game, bowling on this synthetic surface maximises the experience of your players. Out of all the synthetic options, Greengauge’s woven bowls carpet is one of the most comfortable under your players’ feet. The cushioned surface supports your players so they can walk across the green and take their bowling positions comfortably. Another benefit of the cushioned surface is protecting the bowls against scratches. This is especially important for players who cherish their special bowls or have expensive bowls they want to keep in prime condition.

Has a long life

One of the biggest advantages of woven bowls carpet by Greengauge is its longevity. On average, these carpets last approximately 14 years, their life doubled compared to other synthetic options as they can be flipped to their other side for a fresh look. While the initial cost of investing in a woven bowls carpet for your bowling green is higher compared to other synthetic options, the longevity of this surface results in it being a cost-effective solution down the track.

Requires low maintenance

Another cost saving benefit of this surface is its low maintenance. Out of all synthetic options, woven bowls carpet has the lowest requirements for maintenance. It does not require any watering systems which saves money spent on water for natural or even other synthetic bowling greens surfaces. Also, as there is no sand in-fill under the surface, this eliminates the potential for weeds growing through the surface. Due to its low maintenance requirements, Bioscapes Group offers a bi-annual service option that focuses on clearing the unavoidable build-up of algae. Contact us today to get your bowling green serviced today!

We hope you learnt a bit more about the benefits of woven bowls carpets. Bioscapes offer a synthetic surfaces for a variety of sporting fields. Learn more about the benefits of these synthetic surfaces over natural turf.

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