1. Consultation and project management With the BUilder

On initial consultation you will speak to the people who will actually be building your green.  We do not send sales reps to do quotations.  This means you will be meeting with an expert who will provide an accurate quote to completion.  You can use this time to ask as many questions as you want, and our expert will also provide you with guidance and advice as to what you can achieve with your grounds and best practice contruction and capabilities.  

We work very closely with our customers throughout the construction of their synthetic surface so they know what is happening at each step of the process. Most importantly, we want to ensure our clients are 100% satisfied with our work.

Additionally, we are meticulous with time and budget management while providing the highest quality work. Our director will make your job easier by keeping you on time and on budget.

Bioscapes Bowling Green Construction
Bioscapes Bowling Green Construction - Engineering

2. Engineering

Bioscapes Group work closely with civil engineers and Geotech engineers to design the best solutions for your surface space. We work with all pH levels and soil types and can prep your space and create innovative systems to ensure your project is done right the first time. Overall, our soil preparation and management process has saved our clients literally tens of thousands of dollars in costly fill.

Though, we are regularly called in to fix expensive construction errors when the wrong product is used on volatile soils. Similarly, If your soil is considered ‘H’ class – you MUST understand how the construction methodology will affect the movement of soil underneath your base.

3. Design

Bioscapes Group don’t just build the synthetic surfaces, we also design and build the surrounding landscape to create overall aesthetically pleasing spaces. Furthermore, our landscaping design transforms spaces into useful, beautiful and fun areas, no matter the size or limitations you are working with.

Bioscapes Group - Thrive Nirimba Bowling Green Complete

4. Top quality product

Bioscapes use nothing but quality product to ensure we can offer you an 8-year warranty for your surface. You can trust that we are experts in our field as we are the only Victorian preferred supplier of Greengauge UK Woven Carpet. Additionally, you can choose from one of our leading turf surfaces or we can advise you on the best recommendation for your requirements.

5. Construction and installation

After planning and engineering is complete, we will commence construction of all parts of your synthetic turf space. We have small and large-scale equipment to achieve this so we can work with the most difficult of spaces with ease. The install process includes:
1. Excavation
2. Drainage
3. Road base and level
4. Regulating layer and level
5. Synthetic turf installs
6. Retaining walls
7. Ditch walls
8. Paving
9. Shelters
10. Surrounding landscaping

Bioscapes Bowling Green Construction - Drainage

6. Compliance checks throughout the job

Throughout our projects, compliance checks are integrated as part of the process. These checks are in place to ensure you can remain satisfied that the jobs are being built to engineering specifications, design requirements, job specifications, on time and on budget. 

7. Maintenance, Repairs and Warranties

Maintenance and repairs

Furthermore, we offer biannual servicing of your synthetic surfaces and we provide a full comprehensive report after each service to keep you informed of your surface’s quality and performance. Beyond just the scheduled maintenance, Dave, the director of Bioscapes Group, likes to ensure his work lasts the test of time and enjoys the friendships he builds with his clients along the way.


Our director Dave will turn up on site to any warranty calls.  When dealing with earthworks you might find as the soil settles we need to conduct maintenance on the site.  We 100% honour all warranty works and you can rest assured we work hard to ensure your grounds offer a flat and fantastic experience for your customers and players.  Our end goal is long term relationships with every one of our clients and we go above and beyond to ensure everyone agrees they have the best playing surface possible. 



How To Maintain A Synthetic Bowling Green