synthetic bowling green construction

As one of Australia’s leading synthetic bowling green construction companies we specialise in the highest quality synthetic bowling greens for retirement villages and clubs, we construct bowling greens for Retirement Villages and Bowling Clubs ranging from one rink to 12 rink greens, using Greengauge UK Woven Carpet and bonded base systems.

your one stop shop for bowling green construction

We pride ourselves on the fact that everything is done in house and not subcontracted out to any other company, meaning quality is assured and there is consistency across all our builds. Bioscapes Group is a one stop shop for your construction.

Our team can build up from grass field/mud to finished project, with in house designers and experience working with civils, we are able to plan your project from start to finish. All quotations and contracts come with optional line items for accessory packages for your synthetic sport surface meaning you don’t need to shop around, saving you the hassle providing you with a turn-key and ready to play solution.

Bioscapes Group also offer bi-annual and annual servicing that continues on long after construction is completed to extend the longevity of your green.


  • Weather resistant meaning it can be played on 24/7/365
  • Servicing is only required bi-annually
  • Requires no maintenance between plays
  • Consistent performance
  • Can be played in all directions
  • Speed can be altered by stretching
  • Can maximise the use of space by using removable croquet hoops to play croquet

Surface types

The entire playing environment has a tremendous impact on the mood, health, and overall happiness of your customers. It is becoming more common to utilize modern architecture and design principals to make spaces more warm, welcoming, and functional. 

Our staff have dedicated a tremendous amount of time and effort to tailoring synthetic turf surfaces to your company customers needs.

Little Known Causes of Uneven Roll on Your Bowling Green - Bioscapes Group 2


Greengauge GG3 woven bowls surface is 100% woven and UV stabilised polypropylene product.

  1. Bowler satisfaction
  2. Low lust yarn, multi shade green, tri weave used to reduce sun glare
  3. Comfort – 3 part system (GG3 Woven Surface | Underlay | Bonded Base)
  4. No sand – does not scratch bowls
  5. Minimum maintenance – no watering, no rolling, no grooming.
  6. No pile – 100% non-directional
  7. Bowls without bias play every shot in the book
  8. Can be tensioned for minor speed adjustment
  9. Speeds between 14.5 to 15.2 seconds (weather and wind dependant)
Synthetic Bowling Green Construction by Bioscapes Group


This product is a non-directional turf which provides a great performing surface specifically developed to provide optimal speed with a sand infill, while offering great comfort. Made using UV protected yarn.

Our Methodology

We take you through a supportive process ensuring your vision is the outcome you receive. We keep you informed every step of the way and communicate with you at regular check-points to ensure the work is on time and on budget. We ensure you are fully aware of any necessary changes should they occur so you are not slapped with an excessive “variation” at the end of the job.

Building on Volatile/Reactive Soils

Volatile soils are all too common in Australia, that’s why we have gone to great lengths to ensure our engineered base system provides you with the most stable base option for your soil type. If you are brand new to construction, we like to get in at the very beginning before an ounce of dirt has been moved. 

We want to understand as much about what is underneath your future green as possible to save you costly repairs in the future. It is important to ask you all the right questions about soil type and base construction methodology to ensure it complies and is cohesive with the soil underneath.