tennis courts

We offer construction of synthetic turf tennis courts for commercial use.

We use industry leading drainage systems to ensure our courts are long lasting and hardy. Our expertise in base construction, levels and fall sets us apart ensuring your court is playable after rain. We avoid costly drainage issues due to our superior base-engineering and construction methodology. Tennis courts can be designed for your specific needs.

Tennis Courts are on average 36m x 18m in size however they can vary in size dependant on space. That’s why we recommend a consultation with us prior to construction.

Tennis Court Construction

surface options

Synthetic grass and acrylic surfaces available however we will guide you towards the most appropriate and cost effective option for you during your consultation.

Concrete and sportcrete bases: we do offer both options however we will provide you with the highest quality advice depending on your soil type, your desired outcome and your budget.

What is the process?

Tennis Court Construction is a meticulous process that requires precision and expertise to ensure optimal playing conditions. It typically begins with site preparation, including levelling the ground and clearing any debris. Next comes the installation of a sturdy base usually made of asphalt or concrete, which provides stability and durability. 

Once the base is in place, multiple layers of surfacing materials such as acrylic or synthetic turf, are meticulously applied to create the playing surface. Careful attention is paid to factors like drainage systems and line markings to meet the professional standards and to ensure the safety of the players and spectators. Finally, transforming the area into a vibrant and inviting space for a game of tennis whether it is a match or a rallie. From the initial groundwork to the finishing touches, every step that Bioscapes Group complete in the construction process is cruicial to delivering a high-quality tennis facility that enthusiasts can enjoy for years to come. 

Synthetic Tennis Court Maintenance Tips - Bioscapes Group

a word from our clients

Bioscapes were always quick to respond to any phone call, email or message left for them. When working with their team there was no nonsense, minimum of fuss and an absolute can do attitude. Nothing ever seemed like a problem and the collaboration was first rate. We are very pleased with our synthetic surfaces and the Homeowners at Berwick Waters love the new croquet and pickle ball courts. I would very happily recommend Bioscapes and wouldn’t hesitate to do so.

John Beveridge

We have been working with Bioscapes for some time now for ongoing maintenance of our bowling green. The team are very professional and are always great to deal with, with services booked in well in advance so that we can notify our bowlers. The team also provide clear feedback on any ongoing maintenance recommendations. I’m confident to recommend Bioscapes Group to anyone looking to install or service a synthetic service.

Rebecca Furjan

Bioscapes Groups’ communication is very good, they always let you know when they are going to be on site. It was an excellent experience working with them, they always turn up the day that they book in and would let us know of any delays. Personally I am very happy with how our clubs bowling green turned out and I know our residents are too. Our annual services keep it constantly looking fresh. I would very happily recommend Bioscapes Group to anyone looking to build a synthetic surface sporting area or get their bowling green serviced.

John Vanhouten

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