Choosing synthetic bowling green surfaces

Synthetic bowling green surfaces are a great investment for your bowling club. These surfaces provide an exceptional year-round playing experience and save on maintenance costs long term. Bioscapes Group specialises in the installation of three styles of synthetic surfaces for bowling greens including woven carpet, needle punch, and sand-filled turf options.

Benefits of synthetic bowling green surfaces

In general, synthetic surfaces for bowling greens provide a club with year-round play without damage to surfaces, offering persistent performance and the potential to bring in extra revenue to your bowling club as a result. After installation, synthetic surfaces have a lower watering requirement, and in turn, provide lower maintenance costs in the long run. Learn more about the benefits of synthetic turf!

variations of synthetic bowling green surfaces

greengauge woven carpet

Woven bowls carpet is a popular synthetic surface option due to its durability, low maintenance costs and ability to enhance the player experience. Woven carpet offers a very smooth surface which can enhance the accuracy of player rolls and provides exceptional comfort under players’ feet. Furthermore, the smooth surface of woven carpets helps to eliminate the scratching of expensive bowls, allowing players to keep their bowls in prime condition. With no watering system required and nothing for weeds to grow in, woven carpet provides a great investment for your bowling club. This option is fast-draining and requires little maintenance for upkeep. Ready to go once laid, the woven surface can be rolled back for rescreed and base correction purposes if required, and flipped at the 10 year mark for a refreshed look.

needle punch

Needle punch synthetic bowling green surfaces offer durability and are playable in all weather conditions, year-round. This surface is recommended for applications where environmental conditions are mostly stable as the surface speed changes depending on the weather.

Sand filled synthetic turf

Sand filled synthetic turf offers low installation and maintenance costs and is ready to go once laid. This surface enables bowling in all four directions, providing versatility for your bowling club. A highly comfortable option for players, this synthetic surface can enhance player experience and provide a flexible playing green for your club. This surface does how ever require an irrigation system for watering and a higher level of maintenance compared to other synthetic surfaces, meaning that the ROI for your club is much less. Sand filled surfaces also scratch bowls.

To find out which synthetic bowling green surface is most suitable for your club, contact our professional and friendly team today.