Multipurpose Sporting Courts

Multipurpose sporting courts provide a multi-use space for which a wide range of sporting and recreation activities can take place – such as soccer, handball, netball, badminton, basketball and more.

Who needs multipurpose sporting courts?

Synthetic sporting courts are a perfect solution for venues short on space or resources to maintain a live grass field or court. Multi-sports or multipurpose sporting fields are a great way to offer guests, visitors, residents or public access to a variety of sporting fields without restricting to only one use.

Multipurpose courts are fantastic for

  • Schools
  • Holidays and Caravan Parks
  • Community Centres
  • Retirement & Lifestyle Villages
  • Multi-sport Complexes
  • Training Facilities

Multi-purpose sporting fields can include a variety of synthetic courts and sporting styles including basketball courts, netball courts, volleyball, tennis, badminton and more.

How Much Space Does A Multipurpose court take up?

Multipurpose courts offer a number of different sports grounds on the one area, meaning they are compact and take up much less space than a separate court for each sport! Many court sizes can also be flexible and adjusted to suit the space and player ability.

The court can be laid out to the largest sport being marked out (Small soccer or netball, for example) with the other courts then marked in a different colour line within the boundary of this largest court.


  • Each sport clearly line marked in a different colour
  • Can be utilised in all weather
  • Court sizes can be modified to fit the area
    (selected sports can have their courts modified for different users)
  • Synthetic grass is more hardy than regular turf and allows for more playing hours

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Multipurpose sport ground build process

  • Consultation & Project Management

    We work very closely with you throughout the construction so you know what is happening at each step of the process.

  • Engineering & Design

    We work closely with civil engineers and geotech engineers to design the best solutions for your space. We can work with you to design the surrounding landscape to create an overall aesthetically pleasing space.

  • Construction & Install

    We select the highest quality product to ensure we can offer our 8 year warranty and product the highest quality work for you.

  • Maintenance & Servicing

    We offer biannual servicing to keep your synthetic space looking incredible for years to come.

  • Warranties

    We back our work 100% and guarantee our work for 8 years with minimal maintenance.

We also offer multipurpose synthetic sport surface maintenance and cleaning services for your convenience.

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