• Removal of existing infrastructure to create safe access point.
  • Complete site cut and removal of existing natural turf bowling green.
  • Construction of entrance ramp, for safe truck and machine access.
  • Installation of new block wall on eastern side of green.
  • Preparation and pour of a new concrete footpath on the eastern side of the green.
  • Installation of new surrounds synthetic turf (300+sqm) around entire perimeter of green.
  • Construction of a brand new Greengauge Woven Carpet synthetic green, including PVC drain,
  • Megaflo drains, concrete strip footing, timber plinths and bonded base system.
  • Installation of bowler assist rails and equipment.
  • Re-installation of shade structures, fencing, and concrete footpaths at entrance point.


Fairfield Bowls Club before works - Bioscapes Group
Fairfield Bowls Club during construction - Bioscapes Group
Fairfield Bowls Club during works - Bioscapes Group
Fairfield Bowls Club during green construction - Bioscapes Group
Fairfield Bowls Club works - Bioscapes Group
Fairfield Bowls Club final stages - Bioscapes Group


Monday 3 July 3 2023 through to Friday 25 August 25 2023 – 8 Weeks

This included all works from site cut, surrounding footpaths, through to handover of equipment.


Access to the Fairfield Bowls Club was very tight. Without permanently closing off footpaths, creating additional excessive costs to the club, our ‘attack plan’ was always to construct a crushed rock ramp, extending from the small driveway, up the elevated wall (about 1.5m high), and on to the bowling green.

The ramp was un-surprisingly steep, but ‘fully loaded’ trucks bringing in crushed rock, had no issues reversing up the newly created ramp. However, empty trucks reversing up, with very little weight on their back tyres did not have the same success.

We were aware empty trucks would get in, driving forward, but wouldn’t be able to turn on soft sandy soil, and with 350-400 cubic metres of soil to cart away, it was time to move the goal posts!
So, we completed the site cut, pushing one very, very big pile to the back half of the green.

We then installed all drainage/geofabric works to 50% of the green, prior to covering with our 20mm compacted base rock.

Finally, with HALF the bowling green now in crushed rock, empty trucks were able to drive (forwards) up the ramp, turn around, be loaded by our skid steer, and drive out safely.

Once the pile was gone, we completed the remainder of our drains, covered them in our base rock, and we were back off and racing!

Unconventional? Slightly.

Effective? Absolutely!


Fairfield Bowls Club after green construction - Bioscapes Group

Fairfield Bowls Club

Bioscapes Group are proud and honoured to have stamped another place in Victorian Bowls History, conducting the redevelopment works at Fairfield Bowling Club. Situated in the inner-northeastern suburbs of Melbourne, this friendly community club is tucked away in a quiet, leafy suburban street, just 6km out of Melbourne’s CBD.

Having stood strong for over 100 years, our team commenced the bowling green overhaul in July 2023. Overcoming various challenges (tight access, old infrastructure), Bioscapes prevailed through the winter months, and delivered a world class Greengauge woven carpet bowling green.

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