Constructing A New Bowling Green?

Investing in the construction of a new bowling green or renovating an old one is a huge decision.

It’s a big investment, so you want to do it right.

So where do you start?

Here are 3 important questions to ask your potential bowling green construction company. 3 questions that we believe will help you to make a well thought out decision on which construction company to go with.


1. Do you work with a GEOtech to understand our soil type?

Soil types are not created equal, and it is vital that your bowling green construction company has a strong understanding of the different soil types.

In certain areas of Victoria for example, the soils are highly reactive and may move a great deal within a short time after your bowling green construction has taken place.

This is particularly true if you have chosen a surface that requires watering and there isn’t adequate drainage beneath the base.
Water can cause volatile soils to heave which means your once level bowling green surface will quickly become unstable and present with straighteners (unlevel areas on the surface).

It’s important your construction company understands what is required on a volatile soil to ensure your bowling green lasts the test of time.

We have all too often replaced new bowling green surfaces as a result of cheap base solutions that do not provide adequate engineering for volatile soils.

Asking this one question and understanding what is required on your soil type can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars in replacing an inadequate bowling green.

If you are unsure of what is soil type you have in your area or you would like to know more about the best solution for construction on your soil type, we offer obligation free consultations to help you make a safe and educated decision.


2. Do you have a method to determine the infrastucture under our surface?

Like any construction, there are a number of reasons why you must know exactly what is underneath the surface, including:

  1. For safety purposes – gas lines, power lines, sewers, storm water etc.
  2. To ensure working infrastructure is not damaged in the removal and / or construction process.
  3. To understand how the drainage system will work in cohesion with what already exists.

If your construction company does not understand what lays beneath your green or your surface it could end up costing you many more thousands of dollars repairing the damage as well as extend the amount of time it will take to construct your green.

This type of incident can wreak havoc on your site and to your construction process. Not to mention the dangers it can cause.

This question will let you know just how much detail (or lack thereof) your construction company will put into the construction process to ensure you have a safe, efficient construction experience.


3. How would you design the access points onto the bowling green based on our green location and members requirements?

If your bowling green construction company is truly interested in working with YOU, rather than just building another bowling green, they will want to know a little more about your members and their needs.

Many of the clients we work with highly value our input when it comes to access points.

Things to consider when designing an access point are:

  • Wheelchair access – is this required? Many non-competition, retirement village greens choose this option.
  • Surrounding facilities and obstacles.
  • Member ailments that may require step down assistance.

In addition to these things, you want your bowling green and access points to be functional as well as aesthetically pleasing. So it makes sense to ensure forethought goes into the design of the access points just as much as the green itself.

If you would like a consultation with Bioscapes Group just get in touch with our team.