What is Vertical Living?

Vertical living refers to the concept of living in a multi-story or high-rise building as opposed to traditional single-story home or low-rise structures. It often involves residential towers or apartment building stacked on top of each other sharing common amenities such as elevators, staircases and communal spaces such as a gym, pool, tennis court or rooftop gardens. This type of living is prevalent in densely populated urban areas where land availability is scarce and high demand of housing is rife. It is seen as a way to maximise land use efficiently and allow to accommodate for more residents.


Benefits of Vertical Living?

Space Efficiency:

In urban areas where land is scarce and expensive, vertical retirement living provides access to prime well sort after locations and amenities. They allow for the efficient use of space by building upwards rather than outwards. This enables more retirees to live in close proximity to amenities and services.


Access to Amenities.

Vertical retirement villages often incorporate amenities within the building or nearby such as fitness centres, communal lounges, dining areas, medical facilities and sometimes retail shops. This makes it convenient for retires to access essential services without needing to travel far.


Social Interaction:

Living in a vertical retirement village promotes social interaction among residents. Shared spaces such as lounges, gardens, and activity fields such as tennis courts or bowling greens provide opportunities for retirees to socialise and participate in group activities.


Accessibility and Safety:

Modern vertical living villages are purpose build with accessibility and safety in mind. This includes wheelchair accessibility, grab bars, emergency call systems and procedures in place to ensure all residents are safe in their own homes.


This type of living allows for convenient access to transportation hubs. Shopping centres. Healthcare facilities and cultural amenities allowing for residents to maintain active and independent lifestyles without the need to travel far.


Overall, vertical retirement living offers a modern twist to convenient living options for retirees who prefer urban or sub-urban environments and who desire to have access to amenities, social opportunities, and support services in a compact and efficient setting.


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