Adding ferrules to bowling greens helps lift the look of the playing field. Ditch walls are subject to wearing over time, looking unappealing to players and affecting the overall aesthetics of your bowling green. Rink numbers and markers that have been drilled into ditch walls can favour one side, lose their rigidity and consequently affect play and pose as a safety hazard to the members and general public.

Investing in ferrules and disks for your ditch walls can be an effective way to overcome these challenges, and ensure a refreshed and professional look for your bowling green. Utilising ferrules and discs prevents damage to the surface from drilling and creates a visually enticing bowling green for players by keeping everything neat and straight.

Read on to learn about the benefits of adding ferrules to bowling greens!

Benefits of adding Discs and Ferrules to Bowling Greens

Clear and easy play
Rink markers and numbers that have been drilled into ditch walls can become lopsided and not stand up straight like they are meant to. This can affect play by not presenting a clear target or boundary, as well as looking unappealing to the player. One of the many benefits of using ferrules and discs for bowling ditch walls ensures rink markers, numbers and flags remain stable and straight for ease of play.

Provides flexibility
The flexibility to adjust and move ferrules if and when needed is a major drawcard as there are times when rink markers, numbers and flags need to be moved in order to play in a certain rink or a certain colour. This ensures your bowling green is flexible and adaptable according to playing requirements and sets you above the rest for professionalism.

Looks professional
Ferrules and discs are a great way to freshen up your ditch walls and bring them back to life. The vibrant colours execute a professional and refreshed feel and allow bowlers to play colours.

Long gone are the days where rink numbers and markers fall over, and you use paint to make markings and play colours.

 Assist in playing colours

These simple ferrules and discs allow you to play colours as they are clear coloured discs. These can be removed at any time unlike the traditional use of paint when playing colours. Spreading the wear of your green has never been easier!


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