environmentally friendly synthetic bowling greens

Bioscapes Group’s synthetic bowling greens are becoming an increasingly popular surface to construct bowling greens from and you would be happy to know that they are environmentally friendly. We use Greengauge woven carpet that not only provides a smooth and effective player surface, it is also eco-friendly and safe for the environment despite recent articles that suggest synthetic surfaces are not. These surfaces are the foundation of our environmentally friendly synthetic bowling greens which are sustainable in the long term. If you are a club that needs a revamp, it may be time to convert to a more sustainable option. Read on to learn more about the benefits a woven bowls carpet has on the environment.

Benefits of environmentally friendly synthetic bowling greens

Eco-friendly and sustainable

Woven bowling carpets can save thousands of litres of water, in comparison to other options in the market – both natural and synthetic. While natural turf and synthetic sand-filled surfaces need to be watered to maintain the green in good quality, woven bowling carpets are much more self-sufficient and do not require irrigation. This property not only saves on water but also on irrigation expenses for owners. Additionally, our builds do not use plastic grass in their structure, instead, our focus is on more natural, eco-friendly material that contributes to the longevity of the green and the planet. We do not use synthetic plastic sand in our builds which have recently had claims against them for polluting the ocean.

Cost-effective long term

Whilst the initial investment in woven bowls carpet is initially higher than a turf bowling green, their low maintenance offers many cost-saving benefits. Another advantage of using these environmentally friendly synthetic bowling greens is their longevity, lasting an average of 14 years – double that of other synthetic surfaces. This benefits the environment by reducing waste and decreasing the use of plastic materials. Woven bowls carpets have the lowest requirements for maintenance compared to other surfaces and do not require any watering systems. There is no need to worry about weeds affecting the playing area either, as there is no sand-fill under the surface. This means that there is no need to spray fertilizer, pesticide and other chemicals to maintain the green. You can also cut maintenance costs as these greens void the need for a greenkeeper.

Enhances the player experience

Not only are woven carpet greens safe for the environment, they also maximise the player experience. The cushioned surface is comfortable under players’ feet, allowing for ease of play and protection against scratching and damage to bowls. The smooth surface allows for quicker speeds and more accuracy which is an important aspect to players of all abilities. Learn more about the benefits of woven bowls carpet!

Bioscapes Group takes great pride in the sustainability of environmentally friendly synthetic bowling surfaces. If you are planning to construct a new bowling green for your retirement village or bowling club, we can provide you an eco-friendly synthetic solution that suits your needs. Contact us for a quote today.