One of the major benefits of Synthetic Bowling Greens is that they require much less maintenance than real grass greens. However, this doesn’t mean that they require no maintenance at all! Follow our tips below for how to maintain a synthetic bowling green and keep it in tip-tip shape. Maintenance can be a team approach by not just the maintenance team, gardeners and your professional maintenance team, but also by villagers or players at the venue. 

Preventative Maintenance


As a standard, it is essential to maintain a clean playing surface. Any leaves, twigs, petals and flowers or other green debris should be swept away regularly to keep a clean and clear surface where mould can’t grow and allow damp spots air to dry. If there is any bird poo on the surface then it should be cleaned off straight away using water. A hose with spray nozzle and leaf rake kept nearby at all times is helpful to ensure poo and leaves can be removed quickly and not affect the playing surface.


To effectively maintain a synthetic bowling green, weeds should be removed from ditches and surrounding areas to make sure they don’t grow into the field and through the green. Use weed spray to control the weeds as early as possible. If you have a bowling green that has been installed incorrectly, or has sand ditches then weeds are more common to see and may need more regular attention. 


Bowling greens can make favourable homes for critters, especially ants!  Quite often ant nests can be found in the ditches of playing greens, this can not only damage the green but it can ruin the fun for the people playing due to corrosion and uneven playing surfaces. (Also, ants running up and down players legs can be very uncomfortable!)

This should be checked every 2-3 months and kept at bay with ant rid or pest control powder.


Bioscapes, or your professional lawn bowls specialist, should be your go-to contact when it comes to maintaining your bowling green at a professional level. There is additional bowling green maintenance that can only be performed by professionals that will keep your green in amazing condition and offer longevity of your playing surface. 

It is recommended that you have a professional service to your green 2-3 times a year, especially after the winter or wet season in your state.

We will make sure your green maintains its original state by grooming the surface, cleaning the ditches, re-marking the surface and checking the roll of each rink to ensure they track nicely, thus preventing “straightners”.

We are the only specialised Bowling Green Steam Cleaning company in Australia offering hospital grade disinfectant, solvent pre-spray, pre-enzyme treatment, rinse extraction (mould inhibitor) and algae bloom prevention.

We can also steam clean surrounding areas including tiles, paving, concrete, decking and outdoor furniture to ensure the whole area is maintained and looks fantastic for players and residents.

Please give us a call (0480 292 014) to solve your maintenance needs.


Dave Bentley – Director Bioscapes Group