Multipurpose fields for retirement villages are crucial for lifestyle communities. Many retirement villages and lifestyle communities provide multipurpose sporting areas internally to give their residents more value. Some of the sports that can be played on multipurpose fields include croquet and putt putt which are popular amongst retirees. By installing removable putting cup lids that blend into the field allowing, the area can easily be transformed as required for the game the players choose. This helps your retirement village maximise the space on hand and offer more value to your residents. Read on to learn more about multipurpose fields for retirement villages!


Benefits of multipurpose fields for retirement villages

  • More options
    Multipurpose sporting areas provide your residents with the freedom of choice in how they spend their time. The ability to easily transform the area as required allows your residents to engage with many activities and experiences. This value provides your residents long-term satisfaction as they spend some of the best years of their life in your village.

  • A great way to exercise
    Multipurpose areas provide residents the opportunity to engage in a variety of less strenuous games. For most of these games, players need to be on their feet during the whole game and move about which helps them keep fit. At the same time, the low strain is great for seniors who prefer to take it easier on their joints. This helps your residents keep fit and healthy easily, as part of their routine.

  • Maintains mental health
    Games like croquet and putt putt, which are usually played on multipurpose fields, require a high level of strategy. These games are also easy to learn and allows residents to pick it up quickly – even if they are learning the game for the first time. Sport always brings on some friendly competition which helps keep your residents lively and mentally engaged throughout the games!

  • Opportunities to socialise
    Sport provides residents the opportunity to socialise with one another through the game. In particular, the gentle pace of the games played on multipurpose fields provides many opportunities for conversation and acts as an ice breaker for new residents in your village. Of course, these social opportunities also extend beyond the games, when residents choose to catch up with their friends afterwards.


Why use synthetic turf for multipurpose fields?

Synthetic turf is perfect for multipurpose fields in retirement villages. The smoothness of the surface enhances the overall experience of the game. Smooth, synthetic surfaces are also non-slip making it easier for players to walk on or even use their wheelchairs across the surface.

On the other hand, synthetic turf is also much easier to maintain long-term. Synthetic surfaces used in multipurpose areas drain quicker than natural turf meaning less wait time to get back on the court after a period of rain. The surface also acts as a barrier to the weeds and insects that live under it preventing them from coming up to the surface. This feature allows you to keep your multipurpose sports fields in great condition while spending less time and resources on the maintenance schedule.


Building synthetic multipurpose areas with Bioscapes Group

Bioscapes Group is experienced in building synthetic multipurpose fields for retirement villages across Victoria and Eastern Australia. We are the only ‘preferred supplier’ of Greengauge carpet and Sportcrete – the engineered sporting base system for synthetic sporting courts – in Victoria. As well as using these high-grade materials in our products, we provide high-quality construction services to ensure your multipurpose areas last.

Our team puts attention to detail as paramount for a polished and quality finish for your courts. We also work with experts who have been in the industry for over 20 years. The combination of high-quality materials, our experience, and our expert network build the guarantee for our work.


Contact us today for a free quote on building a synthetic multipurpose field for your retirement village.