innovating bowling green construction and maintenance

Proper bowling green construction and a structured ongoing maintenance schedule are crucial for the success of a lawn bowls club. Both these factors influence the experience of the game, and as a result, overall player satisfaction.

To maintain a positive image for your lawn bowls club, it is important to find a bowling green construction and maintenance contractor that puts your needs first. As an industry leader, innovator and official partner of Bowls Victoria, Bioscapes Group ensure that our clients have the best solutions for their bowling green.

Our Bowling Green Construction

We are a knowledgeable team of experts that can advise you on what works best for your project. Our synthetic bowling greens are environmentally friendly and have many benefits over natural surfaces. We work closely with our regular clients to uncover their needs, and our highly skilled construction team focuses on providing you with a quality build. Through our partnership with Bowls Victoria, Bioscapes Group aims to empower the clubs part of Victorian Clubs Members with information on bowling green construction and maintenance. Another one of our goals is to support the financial future of the clubs by providing a standard of green the community raves about. We have created a questionnaire to better understand the experiences of Victorian Clubs Members. With this information, we aim to continuously enhance our processes to offer the best services for synthetic lawn bowls in the industry.

Our Questionnaire

By completing this questionnaire, you will help us uncover the needs of bowls clubs across Victoria so we can provide you with the service and experience you truly need. We will also be able to find any gaps in the market and create innovative solutions that lead the industry.

If you have any concerns or questions about your bowling green in particular, please do not hesitate to email us directly at or call 1300 4 246 246.

Bowling Green Questionnaire
Do you currently have a maintenance/servicing plan?

Again, if you have any concerns or questions about bowling green construction or our maintenance process in particular, please do not hesitate to email us directly at or call 1300 4 246 246.