When it comes to your lawn bowling green construction it’s actually the base construction that is the most important aspect of the build, yet many spend a majority of their consideration on the surface.

If the base is not appropriate for your soil type and surrounds, your club may be up for a full renovation.

Here are some considerations that may save you from an extremely costly rebuild:

1. Soil type

Clay soils are prevalent in Australia and are a common cause of ground heave. The construction methodology needs to take your soil volatility into account to prevent the need for a full base reconstruction later. The wrong base type for volatile or clay soils will result in ground movement.

2. Synthetic Surface Type

Take into consideration your budget for maintenance. What may seem like a more affordable option at construction may cost you significantly more money over the life of the green. This can be due to maintenance costs, rebuilds due to volatile soils reacting to watering and short lifespan.

3. Water Availability

Certain bases and surfaces require consistent irrigation – no different to natural turf – to maintain stability and trueness of roll. Consider the expense of the water usage along with the accessibility of water should the climate become dry once again.

4. Maintenance and Maintenance Costs

Compare the initial expense of construction to long term maintenance costs over the life of the green. Settling for the cheaper option now does not necessary save the club money overall.

5. Immediate Budget

Your choices may be limited by your access to funds through Government Grants and club revenue. Consider other revenue raising options if you know you require a more expensive option rather than settling for an inappropriate build. Ask the installer what the ongoing annual cost will be for the green to ensure it is not going to blow the budget over the long term.

If you would like to discuss your options for your lawn bowling green construction and would like to explore these considerations further, feel free to email us at admin@bioscapesgroup.com.au and request a call.