There are plenty of benefits of constructing multipurpose courts and fields in schools and community spaces. The first is obvious, space is limited, and a multipurpose court positively maximises the use of space.

In addition to usually being limited on space, schools usually also have a tight budget. Getting the most use out of the one space and having it available for multiple activities is also cost effective, and not just for activities but also for maintenance and the longevity of the court or field too.

Multipurpose courts in community spaces bring people who might not normally intermingle together. Plus, with the specially constructed artificial surface used it can improve performance of the sport being played.


Multiple Sports Catered for on Multipurpose Courts and Fields

We recommend only up to 2 or 3 sports are catered for on a multiuse space. The activities and sports you can select from for your new multipurpose space/court includes basketball, netball, tennis, badminton, volleyball, running, croquet, bocce, putting green/golf, pickleball, hockey, soccer and futsal.

While we recommend only up to 2 or 3 sports are catered for on a multipurpose field, more can added (as there are a range of line colours available), however too many lines can become a bit messy and confusing.


Different Surface Types to Choose From

There is a range of synthetic surfaces available for multipurpose fields, so you’re not locked to one surface type. For example, we can construct our multipurpose spaces with acrylic, tufted monofilament artificial turf, or rubber sand infill composite.

Wondering if basketball can be played on artificial turf? Yes, it can! When it’s for a sport where bouncing a ball is required a shorter pile of artificial grass is used, a tufted monofilament product that will endure excess wear.


Using Synthetic Turf for Multipurpose Fields

Synthetic surfaces used in multipurpose areas drain quicker than natural turf meaning less wait time to get back on the court after a period of rain. The surface also acts as a barrier to the weeds and insects that live under it preventing them from coming up to the surface. This feature allows you to keep your multipurpose sports fields in great condition while spending less time and resources on the maintenance schedule.


Building synthetic multipurpose courts and fields with Bioscapes Group

We are experienced in building synthetic multipurpose fields for schools, communities and retirement villages across Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland. We use high-grade materials in our products and provide high-quality construction services to ensure your multipurpose areas last.

At Bioscapes Group we review the space you have available, make recommendations and design options that will use the space the best. Our designs can be for constructing on solid concrete to constructing a drainage base system to meet the drainage needs of the area.

A multiple purpose court or field in a school or community space will maximise the functionality of the space available for the most amount of use and enjoyment.


If you’d like to chat more about our multipurpose court and field options, we’re just a phone call, email or online form away!