Preparing your bowling green for summer requires time and consistent maintenance. As summer is the top season for lawn bowls it’s important that your green is ready for your busiest season so your club can reap the benefits.

The benefits of preparing your bowling green for summer include…

Repairing damage from the winter months

After a wet winter, your bowling green is likely to have excess water in your synthetic surfaces. As the weather clears up in spring, this is the perfect time for you to restore your playing surfaces to its original state. You may also have other issues such as loose seams and worn out ditch carpets that you will need to address. Summer preparations can help solve these issues and get your greens looking spick and span again!

Guaranteeing the ultimate player experience

Player experience is at the crux of maintaining your bowling greens. As bowling green managers know, player experience plays a large role in keeping current patrons and increasing new visitors through positive word of mouth. Preparing your bowling greens in advance of these busiest months in summer ensures that it is ready for the spike in foot traffic. Most importantly, it will provide all patrons a positive player experience and may lead to increased patronage and money spent in the club house.

Minimising damage during your busiest months

Your bowling green will get the most traffic over the summer months, increasing the risk of damage to the synthetic surfaces. Repairing and maintaining your bowling green before your busiest months can minimise any extra wear and tear that occurs during this time. If you have recently set up your synthetic bowling green, you may also consider creating guidelines for your patrons to follow (e.g. no food or drink near rink). These guidelines can help you maintain your bowling greens collectively with your patrons to a high standard.

If you’re trying to get your bowling green in top shape for summer Bioscapes Group can help. Our team of experts can maintain and service your synthetic bowling green. We take great pride in our work and will maintain your bowling green to professional standards. Get in touch with our team to discuss your bowling green.