It’s estimated that around 7.5% of Australians will be living in retirement villages by 2025, increasing by almost 2% in 10 years (National overview of the retirement village sector, Property Council of Australia, 2014). The number of retirement villages in Australia is also on the rise (Retirement Villages in Australia, IBISWorld, 2020) increasing the competition in the industry. As a result, it is important to differentiate your retirement village from competitors to thrive in this growing industry.

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Entertainment facilities in retirement villages provide residents a breath of fresh air that complements their routine activities. It helps maintain their physical and mental health as they are enjoying their retirement lifestyle. As a result, adding entertainment facilities to your retirement village helps position your retirement village as a desirable option for seniors to spend their retirement.

Why you need entertainment facilities in retirement villages

Provides residents variety in their daily routine

Once seniors have moved into a retirement village, they generally spend most of their time inside or close to the village. As a result, their activities are often limited to what is available in this small radius. Retirement Villages that provide a range of facilities internally allow residents to access what they need “on tap” which in turn allows residents to access a greater range of facilities in their daily routine more economically (A Comparison of Retirement Village Living with General Residential, Built Environment Informatics & Innovation Research Centre University of Technology Sydney, 2017).

Helps with physical and mental health

A big priority for many seniors in this phase of their life is looking after their health, physical and mental. Participating in engaging activities offered by entertainment facilities in retirement villages helps seniors maintain their health in a variety of ways. Entertainment facilities related to sport such as tennis courts, pickleball courts, bowling greens are especially great for light exercise. These facilities help residents meet their daily exercise requirements while mentally stimulating them which can help maintain their mental health.

Provides residents the opportunity to socialise with each other

As with any public space, entertainment facilities in retirement villages bring people together and provide them with opportunities to socialise. In addition to promoting positive mental health amongst residents, socialising also helps build a strong community within your retirement village. The increased bustle and life help seniors thrive in your retirement village and feel a sense of satisfaction during their retirement years.

Bocce Court with Artificial Turf

Positions your retirement village as offering value to residents

When searching for retirement villages, seniors look for options that provide them with great value. The more facilities you have on offer in your retirement village, the more value you will be able to offer your residents. Choosing a retirement village is a big decision for seniors and many prioritise the value villages offer them during their retirement stage. Offering entertainment facilities in your retirement village demonstrates that you care for the wellbeing of your residents.

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