Synthetic Bowling Greens

Benefits of Synthetic Bowling Greens

Synthetic Bowling Greens are suitable for all types of sporting fields and uses.

Reduces Maintenance Costs

With a synthetic turf bowling green, you no longer need to mow, weed, feed, water or reseed your turf.  This means the savings are substantial over the life of your green.  Some of the costs that you might save on include lawn mowers and re-sodding equipment, fuel, and weed & pesticides chemicals. Our engineered, free-draining base construction ensures that play is quickly returned after heavy downpours. Check out the cost benefit analysis we have determined on the reduced cost and maintenance.

A Perfect Pitch Year Round

Once we have finished construction on your artificial bowling green, you will see smooth ball flow, no issues daily upkeep of the grounds and uneven surface due to too much rain or not enough rain to maintain real grass. You can play year round and do not have to be mindful of watering schedules or if the grass is getting worn thin due to summer months.

Turf Durability

Synthetic Bowling Greens are very durable which means you can put it to many uses without the worry of a damaged surface.  Invite corporate guests in for bare foot bowling or events, encourage larger groups for parties and even arrange schools to partake in school holiday activities or school learning sessions.