Here at Bioscapes Group, we have always been proud of the fantastic quality bowling greens that we design, build and develop for our clients. Using the highest quality drainage systems, synthetic turf materials and our team’s extensive knowledge, we take pride in handing over long-lasting bowling greens bowling clubs, retirement villages, schools and other sporting clubs.

But, did you know that bowling greens can be built to certain performance standards and be tested to meet World Bowls certification? World Bowls is the international federation for the sport of lawn bowls, spanning 51 countries worldwide. They advocate, promote and encourage lawn bowls growth and support the integrity of the game, setting high standards for clubs to follow as a guide around the world.

We have recently built the fantastic Nirimba Bowling Green on the Sunshine coast which has passed all the testing and checks to be a World Bowls certified green. This means that the Thrive Nirimba Bowling Green passes all checks for the performance standards for flat green bowls including:

– Sample of the bowling green materials and specs sent off to a laboratory for testing
– Approved dimensions  meeting the ‘Laws Of The Sport Of Bowls’ documentation
– Level playing surface confirmation
– Appropriate Ditch surrounding the green
– Bank meeting outlined specifications
– Rink division
– Performance measures such as green speed, draw, evenness, design level and infiltration rate

See the documents on the World Bowls website:

Performance Standards
Abrasion Resistance Standards

If you are interested in speaking with our team about the development of a World Bowls certified bowling green at your bowling club, retirement village or other location, please contact us today.