Maintaining your bowling green is crucial to providing your visitors with an optimal playing experience all year round. Algae treatment is an important part of this maintenance process to keep your green looking professional and clean. Dark mould spots in the middle of the playing surface reduces the aesthetic of your bowling green, so taking a preventative approach helps preserve the youthfulness of your green and keep it looking at it’s best. Bowling greens chemical kits are the perfect solution to treating algae that is present on your surface and offer your residents, members and visitors a quality playing experience.

Bowling greens chemical kits

These kits are designed to help you maintain your green between your bowling greens service sessions. Due to their ease-of-use, they provide you the opportunity to fit in DIY maintenance between sessions to preserve the premium look of your bowling green. The only materials and equipment you need to complete a round of DIY chemical treatment is the chemical kit, water and a spray tank. Using this equipment, you will just need to systematically go up and down the green to spray and treat all areas of your surface.

Bowling greens chemical kits treat and kill off the algae on your surfaces and prevent the algae from growing back, helping you maintain the premium look and feel of your greens between services. They also prevent the algae from growing back as quickly as it usually does, helping you maintain the premium look and feel of your greens between services. Mould and algae are a particularly important area to focus on in-between services as it can be very difficult to treat once they settle into your synthetic surface.

One bowling greens chemical kit has the capacity to spray one standard 8 rink green once. The kit is sufficient to reach all the small nooks and corners of your surface so you can be confident that your rink is algae free!

Bioscapes Group is excited to announce that we will soon be offering these bowling greens chemical kits through the bowling green supplies company Ferrules n More. Call us on 1300 4 246 246 to learn more about how these kits can help maintain and treat your bowling green!

Our team are experts in maintaining bowling greens and want to help you keeping your green looking great. Get more tips on maintaining your bowling greens or contact us today to book in a session!